Turn your ideas into investments with MintoCrypto

At MintoCrypto, our platform gives you the power to safeguard your ideas through the use of blockchain technology. By permanently minting your ideas on the blockchain, you can protect and preserve your intellectual property with confidence.


What is MintoCrypto

We are excited to introduce MintoCrypto, a groundbreaking platform set to revolutionize the way ideas are protected, funded, and sold. By leveraging the unparalleled security of blockchain technology, MintoCrypto enables users to permanently mint and safeguard their intellectual property on the Ethereum ledger through the use of various ERC tokens and bespoke contracts.


Publishing your business ideas on the blockchain ensures that they cannot be altered or tampered with. This can provide added security and trust in the authenticity of your ideas.


By using the blockchain to publish your business ideas, you can easily verify their authenticity and ownership. This can be useful for establishing your intellectual property rights.


The transparency of the blockchain allows for easy tracking and tracing of your ideas. This can help ensure that they are not being used without your permission or proper attribution.


Minting your ideas on the blockchain can provide a clear record of ownership and can help establish your intellectual property and prove your creative genius.


With blockchain technology, it’s easy to expand your network and increase scalability as needed quickly, allowing you to keep up with demand as it grows over time while still staying flexible enough for potential changes in the future.


Using blockchain technology ensures that authenticity of an idea can be verified through sophisticated cryptographic methods, protecting against fraud or abuse.

Getting Started

Minting Your First Idea

MintoCrypto offers three ways to mint you ideas so everyone has an easy way to do it.

Features 01
Using Fiat Currency

Mint via Credit Card

The easiest way to mint your idea. No crypto wallet or currecny required.

  • Convenient payment method
  • Easiest way to mint
  • Transferable to your wallet
Features 02
Early Adopters

NFT Gated Portal

Early adopters who old our MintoCrypto NFT's can mint for free in the members portal.

  • Complimentary mints
  • Hold your idea in your own crypto wallet
  • Showcase your idea on LinkedIn & Instagram
Features 03

Mint, Fund, or Sell

Using our MinToken is the best way to turn your ideas into an investment. Ideas minted with MinTokens automatically are paid dividends in the same wallet holding your minted idea. MinTokens can be used to mint a new idea, buy or sell other minted ideas, or invest into developing your idea.

  • Earn MinToken monthly
  • Buy, Fund, or Sell your idea
  • Exchange for other crypto coming soon

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What's Next?

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